From our range of communication channels to our stance on open standards, find out why Inhealthcare's technology is unique.

Inhealthcare’s digital health platform is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The Amazon Web Services Partner Network allows global coverage giving us the potential to deploy services worldwide. AWS fault tolerance means our services stay online regardless of service outages.

An example of an AWS resource used is Amazon Polly. Inhealthcare uses Amazon Polly to convert telephone scripts into lifelike speech. Despite being a dinosaur in the communications space, automated telephony can be a perfect communication channel for digital health because nearly everyone can use it, even if they do not have access to the internet or a smartphone.


When using the Inhealthcare app you may be asked to allow permissions to certain features on your device, such as:

- Some of our services allow you to submit a picture

- We integrate with some bluetooth-enabled testing devices to read your results

- Bluetooth scans can be used to gather information about the location of the user, therefore it is required that we ask for location permission alongside bluetooth permissions

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