Find out why our remote patient monitoring and virtual ward technology is changing lives across the UK

Our digital health platform delivers digital health at scale, across large populations

Inhealthcare’s digital health platform has been specifically developed to deliver digital health at scale, across large populations and to deliver localised clinical pathways to individual organisations and regions.

We have co-designed the platform and its capabilities with our NHS customers, ensuring we are clinician led. Our approach is to always focus on the problem that we are trying to solve.

We appreciate that every NHS organisation works in slightly different ways due to its own local population. We allow for the rapid development of clinical pathways and local customisations.

Digital inclusion and digital health

With digital health, patient engagement is key which is why we have designed the Inhealthcare platform with accessibility in mind. We reach the entire the UK population through our range of communication channels. This means citizens with varying technical abilities can use the technology. We can also reach citizens without the internet, those in rural locations and those without a smartphone. Our technology can also support multiple languages.

Inhealthcare is MHRA device registered

Information Governance and keeping patient data safe and secure is at the core of what we do.

The Inhealthcare platform and it's associated patient and clinician facing applications are registered with the MHRA as a Medical Device.

Find out more about our IG accreditations.

Open standards and integration is at the heart of our technology

Without integration with clinical systems and the ability to share data with the right clinical systems at the right time, we create extra work for highly valuable clinical staff and the efficiencies of digital are lost.

We believe that for digital health to be truly scalable it needs to be open and data must be shared with all stakeholders so that healthcare professionals can make an informed judgement based upon the data available to them. 

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