Digital health and remote patient monitoring
Our digital health technology supports vulnerable high-risk patients, including people in care homes, patients living with long and short-term conditions, and, more recently, patients with Covid

One platform for all your digital health requirements

  • Multiple services delivered from a single platform, providing economies of scale
  • More than 2,000,000 users
  • More than 100 clinically led digital health services purpose built for the NHS
  • All services co-designed with input from clinicians and users
  • Services designed around the needs of the patient and your organisation
  • New services can be built in 24 hours
  • All services are truly digitally inclusive and accessible to all
  • Industry-leading reporting and analytics
  • Unparalleled integration into NHS systems
  • Integration with the NHS Spine, enabling patient self-referrals 

Our approach is aligned with national plans such as Health and Wellbeing 2026 and NHS England’s Five Year Forward View

  • Helping patients take a more active role in their care and improving outcomes
  • Widening digital participation so that everyone can benefit, including hard to reach communities
  • Providing healthcare professionals with tools to monitor patients remotely
  • Freeing up time for front line staff by reducing paperwork, travel, and unnecessary face-to-face appointments
  • Continuous innovation to incorporate feedback and learning from clinicians, patients and proven technology projects
  • Collaboration with technology companies across the sector

Our commitment to patients and UK health and social care
Our mission is twofold
  • To enable patients with the tools and knowledge to manage their health, wherever they are
  • To reduce pressures on overstretched health and care services
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