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Supporting patients to receive healthcare in their home instead of hospital

With over 10 years of experience of working with the NHS, our digital health technology is tried, tested and proven. We provide the technology for the largest Oximetry@Home service in the UK and are the chosen provider of remote patient monitoring services across Scotland.

We provide convenient, easy-to-use remote patient monitoring services which enable patients to receive more healthcare in their home instead of in hospital. By providing care outside of traditional settings, our digital services help to cut costs and increase capacity in the NHS by easing pressures on clinicians, easing waiting list pressures, reducing hospital admissions and improving access to diagnostics and treatments.

Our virtual wards also support the safe and earlier discharge of patients from hospital enabling patients to be monitored until their treatment is complete, freeing up inpatient capacity and reducing admissions from A&E.

You can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with Inhealthcare.

Redefining digital health: our services

Long term conditions

Digital support for vulnerable high-risk patients, including those in care homes, and patients living with long-term conditions such as respiratory diseases, diabetes and heart failure.

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Short term conditions

Digital support for patients with short-term conditions including hypertension monitoring, IBS and gestational diabetes. More recently we have also supported patients with COVID-19.

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Care homes

Digital health pathways to monitor care home residents, including the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) and unplanned triaging tools such as the Situation Background Assessment Recommendation (SBAR) pathway.

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Virtual wards

Our virtual wards include continuous monitoring to help patients who would otherwise be in hospital to receive the acute care, monitoring and treatment they need in their home.

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More than 150 clinically designed digital health services
70,000+ NHS appointments saved with our INR digital health service in the North East of England
Four million patients across the UK have benefitted from our services
25,000+ COVID-19 patients supported by COVID Oximetry@Home service in southern England
Child immunisation activations in September

Latest News

We’re delighted to have won the Best Use of Digital in Primary Care for our Blood Pressure @ Home service.

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Remote patient monitoring and virtual wards will play a key role helping the NHS meet its targets. We're delighted to publish our Carbon Reduction Plan.

Carbon Reduction Plan

A new £30m medtech fund could provide a lifeline for patients this winter.

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Don't take our word for it, read what our customers say

Solent School Age Immunisation Service

The inhealthcare platform has enabled us to deliver our Flu immunisation programme through the use of the E consent forms.  We can send out the links to the forms easily to all parents and carers where they can access the form on many different devices.  The features within the platform have helped us to monitor the response to the vaccine offer so we can arrange appropriate staffing for sessions and support the communities where there has been a low response rate.  This platform is much better than having to use the paper forms which took a lot of time and resource to deliver, collect and triage.

Solent School Age Immunisation Service

City Healthcare Partnership

Working with Inhealthcare, we were able to launch our Lateral Flow Testing Service in just 3 weeks. We were really impressed by how fast Inhealthcare were able to respond to our needs. They managed to develop and roll out the service extremely quickly. Feedback on the service from our staff was very positive. As a result of the service we were able to identify asymptomatic COVID-19 positive staff and stop them from going into the community and potentially spreading the virus.

Lee Russell, Project Manager, CHCP

Ilkley Moor Medical Practice

Ilkley Moor’s warfarin monitoring service places patient convenience at its heart. Our rural location means clinics can be hard to reach for some, so delivering rapid results to patients in their homes makes all the difference. On top of this, we’ve helped to ease waiting room pressures and reduce paperwork for our anticoagulation team. Everybody wins with the benefits health tech can deliver for patients, clinicians and the NHS alike.

Dr Mark French, Lead GP for the service, Ilkley Moor Practice

Southern Health and Social Care Trust

The automated system offers great support to the dietitians and empowers the care home staff to take a more proactive approach to monitoring their increasing number of vulnerable residents. The residents and their families feel more supported too because the frequency of monitoring has been increased along with more timely reviews. We couldn’t go back to what we did before.

Mandy Gilmore, Head of Dietetics at Southern Health and Social Care Trust

Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership

I’m delighted with the results of our pilot. We have demonstrated that patients are happy to monitor their conditions from home, and when they do, they not only develop a better understanding of their condition, but feel empowered to manage it better through remembering to take their medication and making lifestyle choices. This will lead to better preventative care for our patients, and also reduce the burden on GP practices as we will receive the patient’s results electronically rather than having to see them each time. This should result in better health for our patients, fewer patients needing emergency care, and it frees up valuable appointments for more acute patients.

Dr Jagjit Rai, Partner at St David’s Family Practice, Stanwell.

Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust

We’re expanding the service because it’s been successful and we’ve found it to be very useful in making sure every patient has a care plan that’s right for them. It gives extra support to patients at home and gives us the ability to monitor them very closely while promoting self-care. Our NHS colleagues across Norfolk are keen to get involved.

Rhona Macpherson, lead heart failure nurse at the Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation

The blended Wessex AHSN team and Hampshire and Isle of Wight ICS worked so hard to launch the Covid Oximetry@Home  service at the start of the pandemic. Inhealthcare pulled out all the stops to support us and they were fantastic to work with. Such a huge accomplishment and an incredible service design experience!

Nadia Kuftinoff, User experience researcher and solutions designer


ISO27001 & ISO9001 accredited

CyberEssentials Plus Accredited

DCB 0129 compliant

Registered as a Medical device with the MHRA

NHS Digital’s Data Security and Protection Toolkit compliant

NHS Digital accredited Spine Mini-Services Provider (SMSP)

Signatory of the TechUK Interoperability Charter

DTAC certified