The UK's number one choice for digital health and remote patient monitoring The UK's number one choice for digital health and remote patient monitoring

The UK's number one choice for digital health and remote patient monitoring

Inhealthcare delivers remote home monitoring solutions across almost every clinical setting and is trusted by more than 1,000,000 citizens across the UK.

Our digital health technology supports vulnerable high-risk patients, including those in care homes, and patients living with long-term conditions such as diabetes, COPD and heart failure. it also supports patients with short-term conditions including IBS, gestational diabetes and COVID-19.

We have a growing marketplace of more than 100 clinically designed digital health services for customers to adopt. New services can also be built at speed and without huge development costs by using The Inhealthcare Toolkit.

Supporting the NHS with elective recovery

How our market-leading technology can help trusts and ICSs to quickly and effectively deploy remote monitoring services to support patients at home. 

Virtual Wards

Virtual Wards create capacity in the NHS without increasing beds, by caring for patients at home, and not in hospitals.

How to guide for choosing a health tech partner

 A checklist of credentials to look for in a trustworthy digital health partner. Based on our experience of working with the NHS at the cutting edge of technology-enabled care. 

What makes us different?
Our remote monitoring solutions are proven to improve patient outcomes, reduce appointments and bring greater efficiencies to clinical staff.

A library of more than 100 clinically led digital health and remote monitoring services

Our library of remote patient monitoring services which includes COPD, diabetes, IBS, hypertension and heart failure have all been clinically designed by our health and social care customers.

Digital monitoring in care homes

With the emergence of COVID-19, keeping vulnerable care home residents safe and well has never been such high priority.

Our digital care home service coordinates the monitoring of key health indicators to improve patient outcomes and reduce emergency admissions. 

Digital inclusion

Our choice of communication channels means we’re inclusive of all, regardless of access to the internet or technical ability. Patients can choose to send health readings to their healthcare professional using SMS, apps, online, automated telephone calls, video conferencing or Amazon Alexa

Pricing and national frameworks

With costs starting from just £20,000 per year per health and social care organisation, our model reduces the entry cost for new customers. Inhealthcare takes its place on the prestigious NHSX Framework, scoring 95/100.

Full connectivity to the NHS Spine
Our technology connects to the NHS Spine and we're also a registered reseller of Spine Mini Services.
Connectivity into GP and hospital systems
Inhealthcare connects to leading GP and hospital systems, meaning patient data collected via our digital health services can be viewed by authorised healthcare professionals.
Don't just take our word for it, read what our customers say

Inhealthcare has been pivotal in City Health Care Partnership’s developments and provided our organisation with specialist expertise and knowledge to support a wide range of projects. Inhealthcare is extremely responsive in providing advice and support in building our concepts into deliverable solutions. It has demonstrated its commitment to our organisational objectives and has invested resource in developing their technology and integration mechanisms.

City Healthcare Partnership

Inhealthcare has been amazing. They are a really great bunch of people that will go far.

North West London CCG

The automated system offers great support to the dietitians and empowers the care home staff to take a more proactive approach to monitoring their increasing number of vulnerable residents. The residents and their families feel more supported too because the frequency of monitoring has been increased along with more timely reviews. We couldn’t go back to what we did before.

Mandy Gilmore, Head of Dietetics at Southern Health and Social Care Trust
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