We work with a range of commercial partners offering new ideas to the NHS and social care sector.

We understand that partnerships are key. We integrate with third party apps and medical devices and we have a number of partners across health and social care. 

Examples of our current partners, all well established in the health and social care market include innovators working in the diabetes, chronic pain, wound management and mental health space. Inhealthcare provides them with integration assistance and help co-creating new pathways using the Inhealthcare Toolkit.

Why become a partner?
Use of the Inhealthcare Toolkit

You'll have access to the Inhealthcare Toolkit meaning you can create new pathways quickly, removing development costs


Your service becomes immediately available to every Inhealthcare customer which includes hospitals, care homes and GP surgeries across the UK.

Data security

We score 100 per cent on the Department of Health’s Information Governance Toolkit (IGT) Level 3 and we have been achieving the maximum score since 2011. We are also ISO27001 and ISO9001 accredited.

Here's some of our partners

Inhealthcare is an exciting company to work with and are clearly experts in the field of digital health in the NHS with a huge passion for improving efficiencies and overall patient care and experience. They are a flexible partner who are adept at listening to the needs of the customer to create solutions to meet their specific needs, whilst in parallel continually offering new ideas and solutions.

Michaela Fox, Senior Director, Market Development & Health Economics, Smith & Nephew
What makes Inhealthcare unique?
  • Over 10 years of experience working with the NHS.
  • Tried, tested and proven technology.
  • Used by more than 4 million patients across the UK.
  • Unparalleled integration with NHS systems.
  • Truly digitally inclusive and accessible to all.
  • Services are co-designed with the NHS and with input from clinicians and users.
  • Services purpose-built for your organisation so they meet your needs and the needs of your population.
  • Services can be built at speed and cost effectively using the Inhealthcare Toolkit.
If you're interested in joining the Inhealthcare partner programme, leave your details and we'll be in touch