BP B6 Connect

BP B6 Connect is the premier blood pressure monitor for your health. This sophisticated monitor offers more than anything else: It detects atrial fibrillation with high accuracy during blood pressure measurement, which already has been successfully clinically tested on more than 10'000 patients. 

OXY 500 BT

The Microlife OXY 500 BT fingertip pulse oximeter is a portable non-invasive device intended for spot-checking of the oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2), pulse rate and perfusion index (PI) of adults and pediatric patients. It is suitable for private use (at home, or on the go) as well as for use in the medical sector (hospitals, hospital-type facilities).

NC 150 BT

The new Microlife NC 150 BT thermometer connects to the “Microlife Connected Health +” app by using Bluetooth® Smart and enables easy monitoring of the temperature.

WS 200 BT

The new Microlife WS 200 BT Bluetooth® diagnostic scale connects to the “Microlife Connected Health +” app by using Bluetooth® Smart and allows fast analysis of your body composition. The exact knowledge of your body composition, allows a correct estimate of the excess fat and at the same time determines the advisable weight as a function of your nutritional condition. Furthermore, the knowledge of your body composition allows to combine a correct nutrition and physical activity as essential conditions to improve the quality of life, promote health and prevent pathologies.