Helpful information from our team
Helpful information from our team


If you are a patient and you are having difficulty booking your vaccination, please refer to the below FAQs

I have not received an email to register but my colleagues have

Your trust will be in touch with you directly in relation to the vaccination programme and will provide you with details of how to sign up and when. They are doing a phased roll out so if you haven't received this yet, you will receive it soon.

The self-enrol link is directing me to the Inhealthcare website

Please attempt the link that has been sent to you by your trust again and if typing this out please ensure that you are typing out the link exactly.

I can’t see any slots available even though sessions are showing in the dropdown

Due to demands for the vaccine, slots are being taken quickly and new ones will be added by the trusts once they get confirmation of the vaccines deliveries. If no slots are available please attempt to book an appointment again the following day.

I can see appointment slots for dose 1 but there are no available slots for dose 2

The government guidance is that individuals need to book dose 1 and dose 2 at the same time. Slots for dose 2 are being added in the future once new vaccine supply is guaranteed, please keep trying to book as the trust will be adding more dates soon.

My second dose has been cancelled

With the change in government guidance around when individuals should receive their first and second doses, trusts are notifying staff that sessions will be cancelled. You will receive an email notifying you of this from the system.

I am receiving self-enrol error 005

This means the details you gave do not match the data in NHS Digital's database. Please contact your GP and double check that ALL of your information is correct with them. Once that is done the GP system will update overnight and you will be able to try again.

I am receiving self-enrol error 007

This means no contact details can be found. This might be because you have not registered these details with your GP practice. You can try again tomorrow when your information is updated with your GP practice.

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