Build, test and roll out digital health services at speed and low cost with the Inhealthcare Toolkit

The Inhealthcare Toolkit is an integrated development environment (IDE) that allows users with ideas for digital health services to build, test and roll out at a fraction of the time and technical knowledge that is generally required.

The Inhealthcare Toolkit offers a range of functionality that is constantly being expanded, in an easy to understand module format.

Why the Inhealthcare Toolkit?

Time saving

Using the Inhealthcare Toolkit to develop new services reduces the time taken from weeks to hours. The Toolkit’s modular design allows the adding and removal of functions and features quickly and with ease. Developed ideas can then be reused and shared with other projects, enabling the spread of digital services at low cost.

User friendly

The Inhealthcare Toolkit is designed to be accessible to users of any skill level. The content selector tool gives the user a list of possible commands at any point, and the built in error correction will highlight any errors or mistakes made. Service design can also be done using a diagram builder, replacing the need to write code.

Platform integration

Services developed on the Inhealthcare Toolkit can be deployed to the platform with a single click. This lets users test and evaluate the experience of clinicians and patients, and make improvements accordingly. Patient communication styles can be previewed while designing, negating the need to deploy the service in order to visualise how the service will look.

Help at every stage

As well as providing a full user guide of the Toolkit functionality, there are also a range of tutorials available, alongside the ability to post questions directly to other users and the Inhealthcare development team using the forum.

How to use the Inhealthcare Toolkit example
Example: how to build a dermatology service using the Inhealthcare Toolkit

This video demonstrates step by step how to build a new service using the Inhealthcare Toolkit. The customer wanted an easy way for GPs to safely and securely take photographs of skin conditions and transfer them into the patient record. Photos could not reside on the GPs own devices and patient consent needed to be gathered.

This video demonstrates:

  • How to build patient questionnaires
  • How to gather patient consent
  • How to take a photograph using the Inhealthcare Professional app
  • How to upload results back into GP systems
Our differences What makes us different?
  • We have a library of over 50 clinically designed digital health services, backed by robust evidence
  • We enable our customers to build their own digital health services using the Inhealthcare Toolkit
  • Our choice of communication channels means we’re inclusive of all. Patients can choose to use SMS, apps, online, automated telephone calls, video conferencing or Amazon Alexa.
  • Inhealthcare connects to leading GP and hospital systems, meaning patient data collected via our digital health services can be viewed by authorised healthcare professionals.