With waiting times and patient capacity continuing to hinder the operational activities of health services, self-referral can reduce triage times while simultaneously increasing patient awareness and ownership of their own treatment.

Instead of clinicians referring the patient onto a service, the patient can use our self-referral digital health service via a range of communication methods.

Patient referrals are validated against the NHS Spine, which can be performed whether or not the patient has or does not have access to their NHS number.

Customer case study: Health Call

In September of 2018, an MSK diagnostic tool was launched in the North East through Health Call. The service, which is accessible to those in the Gateshead area, allows individuals to submit a thorough self assessment of their MSK related problems. This then uses integration with GP systems to get data to the relevant professionals, allowing for efficient triage and onward referral and saving on consultation time. In the four months since launch, the service has seen more than 1000 referrals per month. 

Our differences What makes us different?
  • We have a vast library of clinically designed digital health services, backed by robust evidence
  • We enable our customers to build their own digital health services using the Inhealthcare Toolkit
  • Our choice of communication channels means we’re inclusive of all. Patients can choose to use SMS, apps, online, automated telephone calls, video conferencing or Amazon Alexa.
  • Inhealthcare connects to leading GP and hospital systems, meaning patient data collected via our digital health services can be viewed by authorised healthcare professionals.