The Inhealthcare technology is accessible to patients and clinicians through a range of devices and communication channels

Inhealthcare enables patients and clinicians to interact with our digital health services using their preferred communication methods, meaning we’re inclusive of all, regardless of access to the internet or technical ability.

For patients at home or on the move

Patients can choose to use SMS, the My Inhealthcare app, online, automated telephone calls and Amazon Alexa to send and receive readings to and from their healthcare professional.

For patients in care homes or for nurses on home visits

In care homes or for healthcare professionals on home visits, patient data collection is available both through an app and online. Our clinician app is called Inhealthcare Professional.

Why do we offer a range of communication methods?

Alignment with the national directive for digital inclusivity

One in five people lack basic digital skills and one in eleven people have never been online. 

For digital health to scale with a diverse population, services must be designed around the patient to fit with their lifestyle and preferred ways of working.

Future proofing

An open API and ease of integration allows rapid adaptation of new and changing technologies.

My Inhealthcare – the patient app

The My Inhealthcare app is available on the App Store and Google Play and connects citizens directly to their healthcare professional, meaning citizens can manage their health on the move.

The app allows users to review readings and results over time, submit readings to their patient record, receive new dosage instructions, receive medication reminders, set appointment reminders and keep a diary.

Patients use a secure and memorable 6 digit login code to access the app which complies with e-GIF Level 3 information governance standards.

Inhealthcare Professional – the clinician app

Inhealthcare Professional enables healthcare professionals to securely record patient readings on the move. The app can be used in care homes or during community visits.

Clinicians use a secure and memorable 6 digit login code to access the app which complies with e-GIF Level 3 information governance standards.

Our differences What makes us different?
  • We have a library of over 50 clinically designed digital health services, backed by robust evidence
  • We enable our customers to build their own digital health services using the Inhealthcare Toolkit
  • Our choice of communication channels means we’re inclusive of all. Patients can choose to use SMS, apps, online, automated telephone calls or Amazon Alexa.
  • Inhealthcare connects to leading GP and hospital systems, meaning patient data collected via our digital health services can be viewed by authorised healthcare professionals.