Gaining valuable insights from data

Our customers have access to our sophisticated reporting and analytics dashboards which give valuable insights into how services are performing. The dashboards summarise a range of aspects of each service and are easy to understand.

Designed as Management Information (MI), it contains no private information and there are no threats to GDPR or patient privacy.

Available to every customer, our reporting and analytic tools:

- Allows teams to identify trends and compare results year on year.

- Shows real-time data of how services are performing, enabling better decision making.

- Gives visibility of services across local or regional levels.

- Enables near real-time reporting.

To make the most out of your reporting and analytics dashboard, contact your Account Manager to arrange your training session.

What makes us different?
  • Over 10 years of experience working with the NHS.

  • Tried, tested and proven technology.
  • Used by more than 4 million patients across the UK.
  • Unparalleled integration with NHS systems.
  • Truly digitally inclusive and accessible to all.
  • Services are co-designed with the NHS and with input from clinicians and users.
  • Services purpose-built for your organisation so they meet your needs and the needs of your population.
  • Services can be built at speed and cost effectively using the Inhealthcare Toolkit.