Keeping patients safe and well at home, and out of hospital

Hospitals across the UK are under pressure from increasing numbers of admissions year on year. Although commonly referred to as winter pressures, the hospital capacity issue dominates throughout the year.

Virtual Wards create capacity in the system without increasing beds, by caring for patients at home, and not in hospitals.

Our COVID-19 Virtual Ward (Oximetry at Home) enables health care professionals to monitor patients diagnosed or at risk of COVID-19 in their own homes. The service reduces the need for face-to-face contact, minimising the spread of the virus while freeing up staff time and beds. Thorough monitoring also reduces the risk of hospital admissions.

The COVID-19 Virtual Ward asks patients a series of questions and requests vital sign readings including oxygen levels, pulse rate and temperature. Questions can include wellness, breathing and coughing episodes and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Patients at home submit readings using a communication method that suits them. This can include SMS, app, online or automated phone call. Health care professionals can use a tablet or desktop computer to access the app. The service uses the nationally recognised NEWS2 algorithm and alerts are generated for clinical follow up.

The service enables health care professionals to track patients over time, meaning changes in health can be quickly identified.

Patient readings integrate with the GP record including SystmOne and EMIS WEB.

Find out how we’ve rolled out the service across the South of England.

Our Virtual Ward for COVID-19 is digitally inclusive of the UK population. Find out about our commitment to digital inclusion.

Find out more about our other virtual wards, including BP@Home, Cancer, Palliative care, and COVID-19.

Benefits of the COVID-19 Virtual Ward
Creates capacity in the system without increasing bed numbers
Thorough monitoring reduces hospital admissions
Reduces face-to-face contact, minimising the spread of infection
Reduces travel time for health care professionals
Highlights patients and residents in need of greatest care
Tracks and records readings over time

The service works brilliantly and kept me from going to A and E. I knew that if my condition deteriorated help was immediately at hand.

Patient on the Oximetry @ Home Virtual Ward service in Sussex
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