Home monitoring of vital signs

The vital signs home monitoring service uses simple technology, enabling patients of all technical abilities to use the service.

Patients use devices to measure blood pressure, weight, temperature, heart rate, SP02, diabetes and C02 without having to travel into clinic.

Patients communicate readings back via our range of communication channels. Patients can also be asked questions around their general health and well being.

All readings can be fed into the patient record for authorised healthcare professionals to view.

Benefits of the telehealth vital signs service
Improves clinical outcomes

Enhanced monitoring of patients acts as an early warning system, highlighting any deterioration in health early on. This helps to reduce secondary care readmission and helps emergency services to determine whether or not hospital admission is necessary.

Increases clinic capacity

Monitoring patient’s vital signs remotely reduces face to face appointments, enabling clinicians to prioritise their time with more complex patients.

Improves patient satisfaction

The service is quick, easy and inclusive of all regardless of age, technical ability or access to the internet. Patients do not have to take time out of their day to attend appointments and are not bound to NHS opening hours.

This is a fantastic new service which will help people to monitor their health at home, bringing peace of mind while making sure that doctors and nurses can step in early if there is a sign something might be wrong.

Norman Lamb, MP for North Norfolk, was minister of state in the Department of Health
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