Coronavirus: Supporting the NHS using digital health and remote patient monitoring

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID -19) outbreak, we outline how we are supporting the NHS keep citizens and staff safe through digital, whilst helping them to deliver the best care they can.

  • Remote patient monitoring

Long-term conditions

Inhealthcare has a library of more than 100 clinically designed digital health services. These can be deployed at scale across large populations. Services include, but not limited to COPD, asthma, diabetes, hypertension and anticoagulation.

Maternity services

Our maternity remote monitoring services include gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. The services enable expectant mothers to stay safe and well at home, without frequent appointments.

  • Digital care home monitoring

The Digital Care Home service coordinates the monitoring of residents in care homes. Care home staff complete digital assessments using a smartphone application. This information is shared with health care professionals and allows staff to effectively triage residents. The service reduces unnecessary call outs, improves monitoring to reduce admissions and keeps residents safe in the home.

  • Video consultations

Video can play an important role in enabling citizens to connect with health care professionals, without the need to travel. We provide video conferencing for citizens or care home staff to communicate with the NHS. Video presents the closest experience to a face to face consultation.

  • Coronavirus specific services

Automated test results for COVID-19

This service notifies patients of their negative COVID-19 test results. It avoids the need to contact patients manually or to send them letters with their test results which can add delay and cause anxiety to patients.

The notification is sent via an app, SMS, emails or automated telephone call.

COVID-19 symptom checker for routine appointments

Working with City Health Care Partnership we have developed an automated symptom checker for the daily screening of thousands of citizens for signs of coronavirus before their routine outpatient visits and appointments.

This protects staff against the risks of infection, and provides an effective way of contacting thousands of citizens each day.

The citizen’s response to the questionnaire sent via SMS, online portal (email) or app is automatically triaged and warning signs are flagged for staff. Patient records are updated through Inhealthcare’s integration with all major NHS systems.

COVID-19 self-referral

Inhealthcare is working with a number of organisations that are receiving unprecedented demand at contact centres from citizens who are reporting COVID-19 symptoms.

The service allows citizens to self-refer should they have any concerns about showing symptoms of COVID19.

The citizen enters their demographics which are validated against national demographics databases and they submit initial answers that will determine a particular risk category;

  • Worried well – Citizens that are ok but anxious about the virus, they can be sent questionnaires to monitor their well-being and the contact centre will only be informed when their condition deteriorates or if they fall into high risk.
  • Symptomatic, low risk – Citizens are sent advice on how they can manage their health from home along with advice on self-isolating. Citizens can each input their symptoms and the system will quietly track when they are improving or trigger if symptoms are deteriorating.
  • No Symptoms, high risk – Citizens track their symptoms weekly and receive advice on self-isolation. If they show any signs of contracting the virus the contact centre is alerted.
  • Symptomatic, high risk – Contact Centre is informed and citizen is told to contact the local health hub where they are provided with immediate guidance on next steps.

A clinical dashboard is provided so citizen submissions can be monitored and referrals through the COVID19 pathway can be tracked based on the outcome. The dashboard allows view of trends and patterns of clinical parameters on a local and government level.

Digital inclusion

Citizens and health care professionals using our services can choose to use an app, SMS, email or automated telephone call. This means they can be used by the many, regardless of technical ability or access the internet.

We can rapidly create new digital health services for your citizens

Using our technology we’ve been able to respond to our NHS customers and build new digital health services in days.

Benefits of the Coronavirus COVID-19 service
Digitally inclusive
Keeps citizens and health care professionals safe
Reduces face to face contact
Increases NHS capacity
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