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By Aaron Speight
Blog 2 November 2016

Today we announced the launch of our new mobile app to help NHS patients track, monitor and manage conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

The app, My Inhealthcare, allows people to send health readings to their doctor or nurse and receive dosing instructions. This means patients can stay on top of their health without the hassle of inconvenient and time-consuming hospital or clinic appointments.

The technology is available to patients registered on our existing NHS services in Berkshire, Durham, Lancashire, Norfolk, Yorkshire and the Isle of Wight.

My Inhealthcare tracks INR and blood glucose levels, heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels and weight. As well as using the app to send and receive information, patients can set reminders to take their medication and health readings. The app also allows users to keep a daily diary as they track, monitor and manage conditions.

My Inhealthcare is a powerful tool which helps people with long-term conditions to lead more independent lives. Instead of attending regular appointments at hospital or clinic just to provide basic indicators and receive simple information, patients can now harness the power of technology to do this remotely using their smartphones. They can use the app’s calendar to manage their lifestyle and have reminders to take their readings and medication. We believe that empowering people to take more control over their own health can have a transformative effect on their wellbeing.

If adopted widely, My Inhealthcare could also have a transformative effect on the NHS by vastly reducing the number of routine or mundane appointments.

The app is activated by a secure token which is generated by the GP from within the patient record, meaning registering patients onto services can be done at speed with just one click. To access the app each time, the patient uses a secure and memorable 6 digit pin number. The app complies with Government security standards e-GIF Level 3.

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