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A digital mental health toolkit with content that’s proven to reduce stress, anxiety and mild-to-moderate depression

Inhealthcare has partnered with My Possible Self, a digital mental health toolkit that uses content proven to reduce stress, anxiety and mild-to-moderate depression in eight weeks. This content has been developed by a team of world-leading academic researchers at the Black Dog Institute.

How does My Possible Self work?

My Possible Self is available as an app from the App Store or Google Play, or can be accessed via a web browser. The app is convenient, easy to use and lets users learn on the go.

My Possible Self has recently been selected to feature in the NHS Digital Apps Library as a trusted digital application.  The Apps Library brings a number of digital tools together in one place to help individuals manage and improve their health. Each tool has been through a thorough assessment and is deemed safe to use by the NHS.

The programme has three main features:


The evidence-based, skill-building modules cover topics such as anxiety, stress, change, communication, sleep, negative thinking and relaxation.


The tracking feature helps the user spot patterns in feelings, behaviours and triggers. Get insights through simple graphical feedback.


A place to store memories through photographs, notes and emojis, to help the user capture moments good and bad.

The programme draws upon established forms of therapy, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), problem-solving therapy, positive psychology and interpersonal therapy. My Possible Self sits on Inhealthcare’s secure national digital health platform, meaning the app complies with high levels of data security.

What is the Black Dog Institute?

The Black Dog Institute (BDI) was founded in 2002 and is internationally recognised as a pioneer e-mental health. In 2012, it was awarded a prestigious National Health and Medical Research Council grant to establish the Centre for Research Excellence in Suicide Prevention, working alongside the University of New South Wales.

My Possible Self has exclusively licensed their content for use in the UK.

The need for My Possible Self

Nearly nine out of 10 GP consultations are attributed to issues with stress and anxiety, according to Aviva. Mental health problems cost between £70bn and £100bn each year and account for 4.5 per cent of GDP, according to the Department of Health.

Adoption of My Possible Self could transform mental health provision in the UK, reducing both costs and pressures on providers.

My impression of My Possible Self was really positive.  Digital innovations in mental health care have massive potential, and this is an app that uses clinically proven forms of therapy.  I am confident that My Possible Self can help people to improve their mental wellbeing, come through difficult times, and improve their overall quality of life.  It could also help to reduce reliance on NHS services which we all know are under strain.  It is exactly the sort of preventive measure we should be looking at, supporting people who may be suffering from anxiety, stress or depression to self-manage and avoid a crisis.

Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat MP and Former Health Minister

Find out more about My Possible Self

Learn more about the app's modules

Learn more about the app's modules

Visit the My Possible Self website and learn more about its evidence based self-help modules.

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Learn the science behind My Possible Self

Learn the science behind My Possible Self

Learn how My Possible Self uses proven methodologies including Cognitive behavioural therapy, Problem solving therapy, Interpersonal therapy and Positive psychology.

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The history of My Possible Self

The history of My Possible Self

My Possible Self has been delivering emotional health and wellbeing services since 2009. Learn why My Possible Self has been transformed into a self-help app.

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  • Proven to reduce stress, anxiety and mild-to-moderate depression after eight weeks
  • Accessible via a desktop or mobile app on both Apple and Android devices
  • Complies with high levels of information governance and NHS security standards
  • A customized learning self-help plan with strategies to help individuals navigate through life

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