Remote home monitoring of expectant mothers with gestational diabetes

Inhealthcare works with a number of NHS trusts across the UK providing digital maternity pathways which remotely monitor patients at risk of gestational diabetes.

The service allows expectant mothers to use a smartphone application, online portal or SMS to remain in contact with their healthcare professional and provide them with regular results and information on their condition without the need for unnecessary travel.

The solutions allows expectant mothers to keep a digital log of their daily blood glucose readings replacing their paper based diaries.

The results from patients are triaged using NICE guidance and individually set patient thresholds which will flag up any abnormalities for healthcare professionals to review.

The service provides the ability for two-way electronic messaging between healthcare professionals and patients within specific operating hours. Providing a helping hand to patients and re-assurance, whilst providing healthcare professionals a digital solution to reduce face to face contact and the ability to prioritise patients who need their assistance.

How does the gestational diabetes service work?

Patients are asked to test and submit their blood glucose levels up to seven times a day depending on their condition. Patients communicate readings using a choice of communication channels. Patients and clinicians can also send messages directly to each other.

If readings breach personalised thresholds, a clinician is notified and can step in as necessary with medical intervention, reassurance or advice about diet and lifestyle.

The gestational diabetes service is live in Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust and South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as part of the Health Call collaboration. The three Trusts have pooled their combined experience of previous in-house services to redesign a new and improved version for the wider region.

Benefits of the gestational diabetes service
Increasing patient involvement means improved knowledge of condition
Clinicians have access to patient readings and greater insight into how they are managing their diabetes, meaning interventions can happen sooner, reducing the risk of adverse events.
Close monitoring of patients ā€“ wherever they are ā€“ by their clinical team
Allows clinicians to triage patients and prioritise those in need of urgent care
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