Pregnancy induced hypertension Pregnancy induced hypertension home monitoring service

Inhealthcare works with a number of NHS trusts across the UK providing digital maternity pathways which remotely monitor patients at risk of gestational diabetes and pregnancy induced hypertension (Pre-eclampsia).

The pregnancy induced hypertension service monitors patients at risk of pre-eclampsia.

The patient uses a blood pressure device and using a choice of communication channels relays the readings back to the clinician. If readings breach personalised thresholds, clinicians are notified and can step in as necessary with medical intervention.

Patient readings can be sent to the patient record for authorised health care professionals to view.

Studies have suggested that ‘white coat syndrome’ is real, showing blood pressure measurements taken by a doctor are 50 per cent less accurate than when taken at home.

The service provides the ability for two-way electronic messaging between healthcare professionals and patients within specific operating hours. Providing a helping hand to patients and re-assurance, whilst providing healthcare professionals a digital solution to reduce face to face contact and the ability to prioritise patients who need their assistance.

Benefits of hypertension home monitoring
Improved understanding for patients

Increasing patient involvement means improved knowledge of condition

Reduced appointments

Home monitoring reduces the need for patients to attend appointments

Improved accuracy

Studies show readings taken at home are 50 per cent more accurate compared with in clinic


Allows clinicians to triage patients and prioritise those in need of urgent care

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