Enabling patients to self-manage their pain using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

In partnership with ADI Health, the PainSense app uses e-learning to help patients gain knowledge, guidance and skills to self-manage.

The app combines The Pain Toolkit and The Pain Management Plan, two highly effective resources with an international reputation for building self-management skills.

Data inputted into the app is fed into GP systems as a PDF, enabling care teams access to relevant patient information.

Benefit of the chronic pain service
Reduces unnecessary appointments

A 12-month review of the service commissioned by NHS Leeds West CCG showed a cumulative cost saving including reduced appointments of £280,000, or 9 per cent of the total service

Reduces reliance on analgesia and reduces secondary care referrals

A 12-month review of the service commissioned by NHS Leeds West CCG showed a 20 per cent reduction in pharmaceutical costs and a significant reduction in hospital day cases and secondary care referrals

Integration with GP systems

Better access to data means reports of patient progress can be viewed by authorised healthcare professionals to better inform decisions

Improves patient satisfaction

95 per cent of patients using the city wide service commissioned by NHS Leeds West CCG said that they would recommend it to others.

The three Leeds CCG’s are committed to improving the quality of life for patients with chronic pain. By investing in the latest digital technology to support our patients, we’ve demonstrated that we want to help patients be at the centre of their care

Dr Jamie O’Shea, clinical lead for elective care at NHS Leeds West Clinical Commissioning Group
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