Inhealthcare Toolkit
By Aaron Speight
Blog 28 June 2017

Inhealthcare has invented an easy-to-use toolkit that provides a simple set of building blocks for the rapid development and deployment of services for the NHS. The powerful Inhealthcare Toolkit offers secure multi-channel connections between patients and central databases such as the NHS Spine and GP systems.

The new technology enables people with ideas for apps or service improvements to develop, test, roll out, monitor and manage their own healthcare services and predict demand and outcomes. These services can empower patients to take greater control over their own health while reducing pressures on public spending from ageing populations with long-term conditions.

The Inhealthcare Toolkit offers multiple communication channels to patients, including mobile apps, SMS, web portals and automated telephone calls. Data from patients is transferred safely and securely into hospital and GP systems.

A world first in healthcare technology

There is no shortage of innovation in healthcare. But taking an innovation from idea through to delivery can be lengthy and expensive while safety and security requirements around healthcare means that there is significant spend and red tape before the idea is off the ground.

This is the world’s first programming language specifically for digital care, and it is so simple to use that new digital health ideas and apps can be created and deployed in just hours.

Example: the annual flu vaccination programme

The Inhealthcare Toolkit empowered clinicians in the North East of England to develop a digital service that targets people at risk, contacts them at home, books them into a flu clinic, and then tracks each patient to ensure they were successfully vaccinated. Clinicians used the toolkit to develop an app for the vaccination team to help run their clinics. The end-to-end design process was complete within a day at a fraction of the cost of traditional software development methods.

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