What is chronic pain and how can PainSense help?

What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain is often referred to as persistent pain and is pain that lasts for 3 months or more, and can often be difficult to treat and manage.


How can chronic pain be managed?

As chronic pain is very difficult to treat, healthcare professionals often recommend changes in lifestyle and mentality in order to self-manage the pain. Techniques such as gentle exercise, concentration on breathing, distractions, sharing their story, relaxation and sleep are all recommended to help manage chronic pain and break the persistent pain cycle.


What is the PainSense app?

The PainSense app enables patients to self-manage their condition using a cognitive behavioural approach (CBT). The app provides patients with the guidance skills and knowledge to lead happier and more independent lives.

GPs refer patients onto the service through the patient record in either EMIS Web or SystmOne. All data inputted into the app is made available to the GP through the patient record.

Visit our chronic pain page or download the PainSense brochure to find out more.


What are the benefits of the PainSense app?

  • Cost savings through reduced face-to-face consultations and reduced patient reliance on medication
  • Increased efficiency enabling nurses to better allocate their time elsewhere
  • Reduced onward referrals to secondary care
  • Patients are given the tools to understand their own pain and patients learn how to take control of their condition
  • Patient data integrates with GP systems so GPs and other clinicians can keep up to date with patient progress

Find out more about our chronic pain pathway

Chronic pain

Chronic pain

Read more about our chronic pain service here.

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PainSense video

PainSense video

Watch the PainSense silent video here.

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PainSense brochure

PainSense brochure

Download the PainSense brochure for more information.


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  • Cost savings
  • Increases efficiency
  • Reduces onward referrals to secondary care
  • Give patients the tools to understand and manage their own pain
  • Patient data integrates with GP systems

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