November 01, 2016

Embracing digital health in the NHS: an interview with Bryn Sage

April Cashin-Garbutt from News Medical visited our offices to talk to our CEO Bryn Sage about the progress Inhealthcare is making in delivering remote patient monitoring to the UK healthcare market. Bryn urges the NHS to take leadership and embrace technology on a national scale.

In his interview, Bryn:

  • Discusses the challenges faced when convincing the NHS to embrace digital health, including lack of central control and the fear of job losses
  • Dispels common myths about digital health, including how older people are adverse to technology
  • Explains how digital can have huge benefits for the NHS and the rest of the world, both financially and economically
  • Discusses why the NHS have got a real opportunity to be at the forefront of digital health innovation because the technology needed is here and now

We have worked out that if the NHS does adopt digital health, just one of our services could save 25 million clinic visits. That’s a lot of resource freed up to address problems that need the intervention of a nurse or doctor.

Read the full article from News Medical.

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