Urinalysis at home testing

Urinalysis is the second most common diagnostic test, with over 42 million annual urine tests undertaken across the UK. A basic urine test can scan for key clinical parameters that can assist in the diagnosis and management of a wide range of conditions, including kidney dysfunction, diabetes, urinary tract infections and pregnancy related pathologies.

Currently, urine tests have to be conducted by a trained healthcare professional in a clinical setting. This way of testing is cumbersome, time consuming, and limits access.

Inhealthcare has partnered with Healthy io, the team behind the only clinically approved smartphone enabled home urinalysis device on the market.

Built around the everyday smartphone and established dipstick, home urinalysis enables clinical grade results substantially equivalent to hospital or lab-based analysers. Patients can now test themselves with no quality compromise, and securely share the results with a clinician.

The service supports interoperability with primary care clinical systems, enabling GP practice users to initiate urine test requests for patients, and also receive the results electronically, through their clinical system.

Healthy.io’s product is CE and FDA approved, as well as ISO 13485 certified and GDPR compliant.

How does urinalysis home testing work?

Each patient receives a urinalysis kit and access to the Healthy.io app, which walks them through the process step by step. The results can be viewed on the patient’s phone and are automatically transmitted to the patient record where they can be accessed by authorised healthcare professionals.

The product has a 99.5% usability success and 90% favourability.

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  • Ensures clinical adherence to routine testing for improved patient experience and outcomes and encourages self management
  • Improves screening uptake, for example ACR testing for patients with diabetes and hypertension
  • Reduces GP and clinic appointments, alleviating pressures on busy NHS services

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