Smoking status An automated service to gather patient's smoking status

The smoking status service enables GPs to keep an up to date record of smokers. Patients can be contacted via either using an app, SMS, online portal or automated telephone call.

How does the smoking status service work?

Patients are contacted via one of the above communication methods to ask if they are a current smoker, non-smoker or used to smoke. The patient responds and is sent advice to quit smoking or a thank you message. The patient’s response generates a read code and the patient’s smoking status is automatically updated within the GP record.

Inhealthcare also provides a step up service to smoking status called the smoking cessation service.

Benefits of the smoking status service
Increases the identification and referral of smokers onto appropriate stop smoking support
A fully automated process removes the need for nurses to contact patients manually
Enables GPs to maintain an up to date list of smokers
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