Our digital wound assessment and clinical decision support service provides nursing teams with appropriate clinical decision support and guidance

The wound management service uses the Inhealthcare Professional smartphone app to enable district and practice nurses to complete wound assessment forms remotely in the field. The app is also used to drive clinical decision making. Both features are designed to reduce practice variation with wound care.

The app works both online and offline to allow staff to capture data and images electronically on the patient’s wound, remotely as well as in clinic.

The wound assessment information is available to all healthcare professionals and a dashboard tool is available for clinical and service leads. 

The app enables integration of wound assessment information into community EMR systems.

Benefits of the wound management service
Enables wound assessment in all nursing environments from clinic to home visits
Provides nursing teams with appropriate clinical decision support and guidance
Provides clinical and service lead staff with greater visibility
Enables improved communication, eases access to referrals and helps senior clinicians identify patients requiring escalation
Reduces administration due to EMR connectivity
Helps reduce practice variation within wound care due to provision of consistent pathways available to nurses at point of care
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