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Inhealthcare's digital PROMs collection service enables large scale patient data to be captured at speed

Powered by the Inhealthcare digital health platform, our digital PROMs collection service has been designed to work alongside the NHS initiative to routinely collect patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) before and after surgery. Studies have demonstrated how PROMs generate a rich source of valuable data to inform future pathway design and ensure patients are receiving the highest standards of care. However, PROMs can be time consuming and costly to collect, transcribe and analyse.

Our digital PROMs collection service can use multiple communication channels to collect PROMs data from large cohorts of patients over various pathways. Patients can complete PROMs remotely without clinical assistance using an automated phone call, email, SMS or our smartphone app – My Inhealthcare. PROMs data can then integrate with GP clinical systems, automatically updating the patient record to highlight personalised clinical need. The results from PROMs questionnaires can be collated at a service level to track and monitor performance and inform future pathway design.

Information Governance is high on our agenda. We store our data in NHS approved data centres so you can be sure patient data is securely safeguarded at all times. We also score 100% for IGS0C compliance.

Our digital PROMs collection service is in place in collaboration with the NHS England National Back Pain Project.

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The National Back Pain Project

The National Back Pain Project

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Overview of Inhealthcare

Overview of Inhealthcare

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Digital PROMs collection brochure

Digital PROMs collection brochure

Find out more about how you can capture large scale patient data at speed with our digital PROMs collection service.


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  • Evidence based practice
  • Increases capacity
  • Captures data from large cohorts of patients

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