Coronavirus: Supporting the NHS using digital health and remote patient monitoring

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID -19) outbreak, we outline how we are supporting the NHS. Video conferencing, remote patient monitoring and test notifications are a few of the ways in which we are minimising face to face contact and increasing capacity in order to help the NHS deliver the best care they can.

Video consultations

Video can play an important role in enabling citizens to connect with health care professionals, without the need to travel. We provide video conferencing for citizens or care home staff to communicate with the NHS. Video presents the closest experience to a face to face consultation.

Automated test results for COVID-19

This service sends a notification to a citizen following a COVID-19 test. The notification which details the result of the test is sent via an app, SMS, emails or automated telephone call.

Digital Care Home

The Digital Care Home service coordinates the monitoring of residents in care homes. Care home staff complete digital assessments of care home staff using a smartphone application. This information is shared with health care professionals and allows staff to effectively triage residents. The service reduces unnecessary call outs and improves monitoring to reduce hospital admissions.

Appointment screening for COVID-19

This service contacts citizens prior to or following an appointment or procedure to determine any COVID-19 symptoms they might be experiencing. Communication can be sent via an app, SMS, email or automated telephone call. This can be used by health care professions before visiting citizens in their own homes.

Self-referral for those with COVID-19 symptoms

The service allows citizens with symptoms to go online and self-refer to appropriate NHS services. Patient information is validated against demographics including the NHS Spine.

Digital inclusion

Citizens and health care professionals using our services can choose to use an app, SMS, email or automated telephone call. This means they can be used by the many, regardless of technical ability or access the internet.

We can rapidly create new digital health services for your citizens

Using our technology we’ve been able to respond to our NHS customers and build new digital health services in days.


Benefits of the Coronavirus COVID-19 service
Digitally inclusive
Keeps citizens and health care professionals safe
Reduces face to face contact
Increases NHS capacity
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