By Inhealthcare
Brochures 18 August 2021
Our INR self-testing service enables patients to self-test and receive their new warfarin dose remotely.  The patient is supplied with a Roche CoaguChek device®, takes a finger prick blood sample and inserts it into the Roche INR self-testing device.
The patient is also asked a series of safety questions about any changes in medication and their general health. The patient sends their new reading securely to their GP or nurse via a communication channel of their choice, including an automated phone call, the My Inhealthcare app, SMS or email which links to a secure web portal, and integrates this new data into 4S DAWN where the new warfarin dose is calculated and then automatically relayed back to the patient.
Once approved by a clinician, patients receive their new warfarin dose and the date and time of their next test via their preferred communication method. Readings flow into the patient record, meaning healthcare professionals always have access to the most up-to-date information.
Where readings fall outside of pre-determined clinical parameters, alerts are generated to the appropriate care team for timely intervention.
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