By Jamie Innes
Blog 9 March 2017

Inhealthcare has partnered with Medway Community Healthcare to allow warfarin patients to safely and securely transmit health readings to their doctor or nurse and receive dosing instructions.

The warfarin home monitoring service means patients can stay on top of their health without the hassle of inconvenient and time-consuming hospital or clinic appointments.

The warfarin home monitoring service enables patients to lead more independent lives and self-testing also reduces pressures on the NHS. Instead of attending regular appointments at a hospital or clinic just to provide basic indicators and receive simple information, patients relay readings to their clinician via the My Inhealthcare smartphone app, computer or landline.

The selected patients will use a Roche CoaguChek® XS device and a lancet to take a finger prick test to determine whether they are in the ideal therapeutic range.

Inhealthcare’s technology transmits this information safely and securely to the NHS and patients receive correct dosing information by return. The technology generates alerts in the event of any irregularities and readings are stored within the patient record.

We believe that empowering people to take more control over their own health can have a transformative effect on their wellbeing. If adopted widely, warfarin home monitoring could also have a transformative effect on the NHS by vastly reducing the number of routine appointments.

Read more about Inhealthcare’s warfarin home monitoring service.

Click on the infographic below to see how the service works.

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