A webinar with City Health Care Partnership and Inhealthcare
By Jamie Innes
Webinars 29 June 2020

In the past, City Health Care Partnership faced a number of challenges in the development of digital health services.

Like many NHS providers, it had experienced a wide variety of suppliers, a lack of systems integration, limited flexibility in configuration, little choice for patients and low interactivity.

With help from Inhealthcare, CHCP has overcome these obstacles to develop and deliver a growing range of inclusive digital health services covering Covid-19, care homes, immunisations and anticoagulation.

Representatives from CHCP and Inhealthcare shared their story of successful digital transformation at a webinar hosted by Health Technology News, the leading health tech news source.

CHCP said benefits of new services included:

  • Improved patient choice
  • Individualised patient management plans
  • Enhanced interoperability
  • Reduced manual processes
  • Increased productivity
  • Less travel
  • Pre-appointment screening (crucial for social distancing).

CHCP praised the agile development approach – incremental delivery, team collaboration, continual planning and learning – and Inhealthcare’s ability to stay abreast of new developments.

It also highlighted the power of Inhealthcare’s Toolkit and platform to quickly develop and deliver its own solutions.

CHCP added the onset of Covid-19 has increased the receptiveness of staff in the use of technology to deliver remote care, online prescriptions and online triaging.

Headquartered in Hull, the community interest company provides high quality diverse services in community settings, from health visiting to palliative care, school nursing to stroke services and many more.

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