Patient Stories

Read how our digital health services are improving the lives of patients accross the UK

Patient activation and self management case study

This case study explores a series of patients and their stories of how digital health technology has helped them to become activated patients. Read…

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INR self-testing: Martin Smith

Martin Smith, a 59-year-old who founded and runs a successful marketing business, has been taking warfarin for the last six years since suffering a…

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INR self-testing: John Binks

Fifteen years ago John Binks was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis and was put on warfarin for the rest of his life. At that point John’s…

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INR self-testing: Danny Taberner

Danny Taberner is a 22-year-old university graduate from Westleigh. He is using warfarin after having a massive pulmonary embolism while recovering from testicular cancer.…

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INR self-testing

INR self-testing: Kay Dover

Kay Dover was diagnosed with lupus in 2009 and has loved the freedom of managing her warfarin therapy from outside of the clinic. The…

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INR self-testing: Derek Jones

Prior to the new self-testing initiative in County Durham and Darlington, Derek needed to make the regular trip to the clinic to test his blood…

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