How can digital health tackle undernutrition?

What is undernutrition?

Undernutrition is a severe condition often thought to be restricted to third world countries, however it is a widespread problem in the UK, and most common in the elderly.  It occurs when an individual’s diet does not contain enough nutrients, or the individual has difficulty absorbing the nutrients from their diet. This can be caused by a variety of factors such as reduced mobility or a long-term health condition which makes eating or absorbing nutrients difficult. It can also be associated with adverse medical consequences such as hospitalisation, frailty, co-morbidity and even mortality.

What are the signs of undernutrition?

Those with undernutrition often display symptoms including a low BMI, weight loss, fatigue, dizzy spells, weak muscles and they are also more susceptible to infection.


What can be done to manage undernutrition?

Management depends on the individual. However, it is likely that a healthcare professional will advise the individual to have varied and frequent meals which are high in energy, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Those suffering may also be advised to take oral nutritional supplements and nourishing snacks in-between meals to help to meet weight targets which will be regularly monitored.


How can undernutrition be managed using digital health?

Our digital undernutrition service enables a healthcare professional to monitor a patient’s nutritional health remotely, without the need for routine appointments or home visits. Our undernutrition service acts as an early warning system, highlighting any deterioration in health and ONS non-compliance early.

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How does Inhealthcare's undernutrition service work in care homes?

Click on the infographic below to understand how the undernutrition service works in care homes.


How does Inhealthcare's undernutrition service work for patients in their own homes?

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How we are helping to tackle undernutrition

Undernutrition service

Undernutrition service

Find out more about our award winning undernutrition service.

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Undernutrition brochure

Undernutrition brochure

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Undernutrition video

Undernutrition video

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  • Can enable health professionals to treat those with undernutrition at scale
  • Ensures supplements are not wasted
  • Simple to use technology
  • Telephone technology means the service is available to 99% of the population

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