What is digital health and what are its benefits?

What is digital health?

Digital health involves the use of information and communication technologies to track well-being and health indicators such as blood pressure and heart rate. There has been a significant rise in the popularity of digital health over recent years, demonstrating that technology companies are answering the demand of consumers. This can be seen by the influx of health apps, which have taken the market by storm.

Digital health is also referred to as telehealth or mhealth. Mhealth, or mobile health, is a branch of digital health specific to mobile phone technologies.


What are the benefits of digital health?

Digital health can bring significant benefits to consumers, patients and clinicians. Digital health allows both the public and patients to self-manage their health. The influx in health apps enables consumers to keep a track of their health without the need to see a GP.

Digital health can also be used to care for patients with long-term conditions. Patients are able to use remote monitoring devices to track their health from home, whilst being monitored by their care teams. Remote monitoring means appointments are reduced and patients do not have to take the time off work or time out of their day to see a GP.

Digital health can also empower the patient by enabling them to gain more understanding into their condition. The pressure on healthcare professionals is also alleviated and resource can be assigned to more acute patients.

More benefits of digital health include:

  • Reduces appointments
  • Technology is quick and easy to use
  • Clinicians have access to patient readings at any time
  • Increases workload capacity meaning resources can be used elsewhere
  • Regular monitoring means changes in treatment can happen much sooner
  • It enables patients to understand their condition

What digital health services does Inhealthcare offer?

Inhealthcare has developed a range of digital health services. Each of our digital health services are designed by NHS clinicians and tackle real healthcare issues. With a growing and ageing population, and more people with long term conditions, our digital health tools enable healthcare professionals to remotely monitor patients at scale. This includes:

Take a look at some of our digital health services



Download our undernutrition brochure which explains how we have developed a digital health solution for these patients.

INR Self-testing

INR Self-testing

Download our INR self-testing brochure which explains how we have developed a digital health solution for patients who take warfarin.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain

Download our PainSense brochure which explains how we have developed a digital health solution for patients who suffer from chronic pain.


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  • Integration into clinical systems
  • Can enable the redesign of any care pathway
  • Open APIs to support health care apps
  • Patient data is kept safe and secure

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