Digital immunisations Inhealthcare streamlines the process of immunisations, removing the administration load for staff and increasing vaccine uptake.

With reducing rates of vaccinations across the UK, our immunisation service removes paper-based forms, automates the population into the GP or community record and gives visibility of uptake across schools and regions.

Evaluation data from one of our customers experienced a 50% reduction in time spent in schools for vaccination sessions and a 4% uptake of vaccinations.

We cover all types of immunisations including MMR, HPV, Meningitis, Influenza, COVID-19, Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio and antenatal.

In schools, we automate the process of capturing consent, removing the need for paper forms. Parents and guardians complete an online questionnaire which automatically feeds back to the health care professional. Healthcare professionals are also given early visibility of individuals with contraindications which can be triaged. On the day of vaccination, staff have access to vaccination lists within a smartphone app. Giving visibility of children to vaccinate in advance, ensures health care professionals can be better prepared and removes waste.

Once the vaccination is completed, the community record is updated. Customised dashboards provide real-time population uptake across the given demographic.

In primary care, high-risk patients are identified through the GP systems and are notified they are due a vaccination. We send them an SMS or an automated phone call which books them into a clinic on a preferred date and time. Once the vaccination is completed, the GP record is updated.

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Benefits of the digital immunisation programme
Reduces the administration load for health care staff
Removes waste as health care staff know in advance, how many vaccinations need to be done each day
Increases consent, completion rate for paper forms is often low
Increases vaccination uptake
Integration with GP record, removing the need for manual entry
Fully automated process
Gives visibility of uptake across schools and regions
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