COPD and heart failure The COPD and heart failure services gathers patient readings including blood pressure, oxygen, temperature, weight heart rate, and C02.

What is the COPD and heart failure remote monitoring service?

Patients relay readings via a communication channel of their choice. The service means patients no longer have to attend routine GP appointments.

If readings fall out of range, a healthcare professional is alerted to take appropriate action.

All readings can be viewed in the patient record for authorised professionals to view.

Benefits of the COPD and heart failure service
Improves clinical outcomes & reduces A&E admissions

Our evidence shows enhanced monitoring of the long term condition has reduced hospital admissions

Increases clinic capacity

Home monitoring reduces face to face appointments, enabling clinicians to prioritise time with more complex patients

Improves patient satisfaction

The service is easy to use for patients of all technical abilities and patients do not have to take time out of their day to attend routine appointments

This is a fantastic new service which will help people to monitor their health at home, bringing peace of mind while making sure that doctors and nurses can step in early if there is a sign something might be wrong.

Norman Lamb, MP for North Norfolk and ex minister of state in the Department of Health.

This has made a considerable difference to my life. I feel that I’m in control of my illness now, rather than my illness being in control of me. I wish more people with long-term heart and lung diseases knew about this service. My condition is more stable and I am more active than I used to be.

Ruth Bean, a 62-year-old patient from Hull

We would like more people living with long-term heart and lung disease in Hull to join the free service and benefit from the opportunities to improve quality of life.

Clinicians can monitor trends and intervene if readings move outside expected parameters. This allows for timely intervention and also assists patients in recognising changing symptoms and promotes self-management.

Rhona Macpherson, heart failure nurse at Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust.
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