SBAR on tablet
By Inhealthcare
Case Studies 2 March 2020

As part of the Health Call collaboration, County Durham and Darlington reduces nurse visits to care homes by 45% by the introduction of a digital SBAR service.


  • Community nursing services under increasing pressure to deliver care to patients in care homes
  • Multiple visits can be made to the same care home each day by different teams
  • Care homes default to calling 999 / 111 and ambulances are often dispatched when they may not be needed
  • There is no way to track incoming requests


  • Inhealthcare developed a digital assessment form for carers to complete with patient observations
  • Central triage of patients and their symptoms enables nurses to direct the right care to the right patient at the right time
  • Appropriate information is given to NHS responders
  • Patient electronic health record is updated with latest results from carers and triage team


  • 45% reduction in specialist nurse visits
  • 18% reduction in overall unplanned admisisons
  • 13% reduction in out-of-hours unplanned admissions
  • 24% reduction in in-hours unplanned admissions
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