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Case Studies 15 September 2018

In March 2018 Inhealthcare launched a telehealth service in Hull for COPD and heart failure patients. The telehealth service empowers people to monitor and manage their conditions and offers different levels of support based on individual needs.


The telehealth service is delivered by City Health Care Partnership CIC and according to personal requirements, patients are equipped with a variety of devices such as a set of scales, blood pressure monitor, oxygen sensor and forehead thermometer. Instead of regular trips to see the GP, patients are trained to take routine blood pressure and oxygen readings at home where they are then sent to the clinical team. If readings fall out of range, a member of the nursing team is alerted and gets in touch to take the appropriate action. Patients test themselves during their daily activities and relay the results via the communication channel of their choice – automated phone call, smartphone app or online portal – for assessment.

The service offers a 3-6 month educational programme to enable people with long-term conditions to become more independent and recognise their symptoms by enhancing their knowledge of their condition, avoiding hospital admission and improving their quality of life. The Telehealth Service went live in March 2018 with more than 100 patients with heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

62-year-old retired Hull resident with emphysema, had to give up her job after suffering from breathing difficulties and chest infections.



This has made a considerable difference to my life. I feel that I’m in control of my illness now, rather than my illness being in control of me. It’s a brilliant service because I know I have my medical team in the background. If anything goes wrong, they are there to support me and I trust them completely. I wish more people with long-term heart and lung diseases knew about this service. My condition is more stable and I am more active than I used to be.

Ruth Bean

We would like more people living with long-term heart and lung disease in Hull to join the free service and benefit from the opportunities to improve quality of life. We also encourage doctors in Hull to refer suitable patients to the service and help create capacity in the wider healthcare system.

Wendy Cuddihy, clinical lead for CHCP's telehealth service
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