Digital health technology
By Georgina Adamson
Blog 8 July 2016

The Government says it wants to make the UK a world leader in digital provision, a place where technology continually transforms the economy, society and government. So it claims in the notes to the Digital Economy Bill, which was introduced in the House of Commons this week.

The Government correctly notes that the UK’s digital economy is transforming every sector and all aspects of all lives. It also says that to remain ahead and be a world leader in the digital economy, we need to continue to raise our ambition.

But why no mention of digital health in this new bill?

Of course, we know that multiple initiatives are under way to bring the NHS into the 21st century.

Indeed, Inhealthcare is working with some forward-looking trusts to digitise care services, putting the patient in control and reducing the pressure on the public purse.

Surely putting digital health at the heart of the Government’s ambitions would put the UK in pole position in the global economic race to find sustainable models of care.

Improving broadband infrastructure and restricting access to online pornography are noble aims, but won’t transform our economy.

Sadly this Bill has to be seen as another missed opportunity.

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