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By Aaron Speight
Blog 13 July 2016

The lives of 4,000 warfarin patients across Wigan are set to change due to Wigan Borough Federated Healthcare rolling out Inhealthcare’s warfarin remote monitoring service across the region.

Patients who sign up to the service will no longer need to visit their warfarin clinic or GP every few weeks for a simple blood test and to receive their adjusted warfarin dose. Their dose must be closely managed to reduce the risk of stroke and adverse cardiac events so this service will give these patients the freedom to live a normal life again, while relieving pressures on the NHS.

How does the warfarin remote monitoring service work?

In order to self-test, they will be referred to one of five hub GP practices (Beech Hill Medical Practice, Shevington Surgery, Dr Alistair Partnership, Bradshaw Medical Centre and Pemberton Surgery), where they will be given a hand-held device to use at home in order to then remotely submit their test results to their NHS team by via email or phone call at the most convenient time for them.  Their dose is calculated in clinic, automatically recorded in their patient record, and relayed back to them. The warfarin remote monitoring service allows patients to be in more control of their condition, and they will no longer have to take regular time off work, pay for travel or clinic car parks. Meanwhile this technology enables first-class, proactive care, as clinicians are alerted if patients miss their test time or if their data falls outside of a pre-set range.

Dr David Humphreys, GP and  Chief Executive Director of Wigan Borough Federated Healthcare, comments: “The traditional in clinic system of testing warfarin patients has been putting the Wigan NHS staff under huge pressures, and the busy waiting rooms has meant delays and disruption to patients’ lives.  It’s great to see technology positively transform patient’s quality of life, hopefully improve their time in therapeutic range, and relieve NHS pressures at the same time.”

A free to attend patient awareness lunch is to be held on 20th July at the Wigan Warriors training ground on Montrose Avenue. The purpose of the day is to let patients gain more understanding into the warfarin remote monitoring service. They will also receive training from nurses on how to use the devices and how to respond to the telephone calls or email.

An existing patient will also be available on the day to speak about their experience; John Binks, 84 years old, from Beech Hill Medical Practice comments: “Self-testing and being connected to the surgery has provided me a lifeline in achieving positive and productive outcomes in my personal health. The service is ‘dead easy’ to use and I encourage all to give it a go.”

If you would like to sign up to the warfarin remote monitoring service, or attend the patient awareness lunch, or do both, you can do so here:


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