By Georgina Adamson
Blog 5 March 2021

At Inhealthcare, we believe that digital health should be accessible to everyone. You can see this commitment in our choice of communication channels. Patients can choose to use SMS text message, apps, online, automated telephone calls or Amazon Alexa. Nobody is excluded, regardless of age, ability or language.

We are committed to making our services as accessible as possible to support health and wellbeing at home and are continuously making improvements to our communication channels.

Most recently, we have made a series of improvements to our patient-facing website where users submit their readings. As part of the process, a leading authority on digital accessibility provided some valuable input for our expert team of software architects and testers to reflect the latest government thinking on digital inclusion.

In summary, here are the changes we have made:

  • Improved colour combinations to enhance contrast and readability
  • Improved navigation for screen reader software
  • Improved styling for links to enhance usability
  • Improved headings to better inform users
  • Improved submission process.

These improvements should make the patient-facing portal easier to read for all users. For more information, please view our updated accessibility statement.

Inhealthcare is bringing digital health and remote patient monitoring services to millions of people across the UK. We want everyone to benefit from enhanced health and social care. And that is why we continue to invest in widening access to increase digital inclusion and reduce health inequalities.

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