Healthcare Pioneers
By Aaron Speight
Blog 26 January 2017

Huge congratulations to Pauline Mairs, Commissioning Manager at the Isle of Wight CCG who has been recognised for her innovative work launching INR self-testing for warfarin patients on the island. The AF Association have since named the Isle of Wight CCG as ‘Healthcare Pioneers’.

The service has been up and running since late 2015 and has transformed how patients on warfarin are monitored. The self-testing service allows patients to lead a less disruptive life, while relieving pressures on clinics.  Previously patients on warfarin needed to attend clinic every few weeks for a simple blood test, to check how quickly their blood clots. Now, patients can self-test at home and relay readings back to the nurse and receive their new warfarin dose via an email or an automated telephone call.

The INR self-testing service which is being used in Wigan, Durham and Darlington, Hull and Berkshire suits every kind of patient, whether or not they are digital natives or hard to reach communities. Patients can connect to their GP via text, email, telephone or a My Inhealthcare, our smart phone app.

Read the full report on the AF Association website.

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