By Jamie Innes
Blog 14 February 2017

The cost of wasted NHS prescriptions is estimated to be £300 million a year, and that’s without taking into account the health consequences of missed medication. Medication non adherence can be all to frequent which is why our new medication reminder service is the latest digital health service to launch on the Inhealthcare digital health platform.

The new medication reminder service can be accessed via our new app My Inhealthcare, which allows patients to manage their long-term conditions at home.

The app not only facilitates medication reminders but it also allows the patient to keep a diary of their medication regime and upcoming appointments, review historic readings and results, submit data to healthcare professionals and receive new dosage instructions.

Patients who do not own a smart phone can also use the medication reminder service using other forms of technology. Patients can receive medication reminders via their telephone, SMS or via email which links to a secure web portal. This means the service works for those with low technical skills or without access to the internet.

The technology is available to patients registered on existing NHS services in Berkshire, County Durham, Lancashire, Norfolk, Yorkshire and the Isle of Wight.

Find out more on the medication reminder services page.

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