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By Bryn Sage
Blog 26 January 2022

For years, Inhealthcare has pioneered the development of remote patient monitoring services in partnership with forward-looking NHS organisations. From Scotland and Northern Ireland to London and southern England, the company has helped nurses, GPs and consultants to deliver effective and efficient care to people at home.

It was gratifying to see the NHS leadership’s latest guidance on priorities and operational planning, introduced by chief executive Amanda Pritchard, to “use what we have learnt through the pandemic to rapidly and consistently adopt new models of care that exploit the full potential of digital technologies”.

The guidance calls on care systems to expand ‘virtual ward’ models to help create the equivalent of 5,000 extra beds, use data and analytics to redesign care pathways and exploit the potential of digital technologies to transform the delivery of care and patient outcomes – achieving a core level of digitisation in every service across systems.

It reads like a manifesto for remote monitoring, advising systems to:

  • Develop plans to maximise the rollout of virtual wards to deliver care for patients who would otherwise be treated in hospital by enabling earlier supported discharge and providing alternatives to admission.
  • Drive the shift to population management and disease prevention so citizens can play a more proactive role in promoting good health. Systems should use data and analytics to redesign care pathways and measure outcomes with a focus on improving access and health equity for underserved communities.
  • Use the potential of digital to help the NHS address both its long-term challenges and the immediate task of recovery from the pandemic, which will lead to better outcomes for patients, better experience for staff and more effective population health management.

Having worked at the cutting edge of innovation in healthcare since our founding a few years ago, we wholeheartedly welcome this guidance for 2022/23 and know our many partners in the NHS will too. At Inhealthcare, we are fully committed to helping clinicians provide the best possible care for patients at home – it’s our core mission.


Find out more about remote patient monitoring and the support for digital health technologies from patients and clinicians in this special feature Inhealthcare did for HTN:




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