By Bryn Sage
Blog 18 July 2017

Last week at the Digital Health and Care Congress hosted by The King’s Fund, Inhealthcare and Tunstall Healthcare announced the launch of a new collaboration. The collaboration will combine our skills and expertise to help tackle some of the greatest challenges facing the NHS and care services.

Tunstall Healthcare is a well-established global business which offers a range of connected healthcare solutions designed to help older people and those with long-term needs to live more independently, and with an improved quality of life. Tunstall has pioneered the use of technology to enable new models of care, working in partnership with customers to manage demand and improve outcomes across the health, housing and social care landscape.

The integration of Tunstall’s care monitoring with Inhealthcare’s digital health platform will allow care providers to improve their upstream intervention, ensuring more frail patients are cared for quickly at the point of need and avoiding preventable A&E visits and emergency admissions.

Collaboration and openness is the key to unlocking the opportunity for the NHS to transform the delivery of health and social care. Together we will allow providers, whether they are in the health or social care sector, to deliver the best possible care for patients where it is needed the most.

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