By Inhealthcare
Blog 20 October 2016

April Cashin-Garbutt from News Medical came over to Harrogate to chat with our group CEO, Peter Wilkinson. He tells News Medical about how he intends to use his experiences in the world of digital to drive a digital health revolution.

In his interview Peter speaks about:

Why he decided to invest £10m in a digital health infrastructure which he believes will revolutionise the NHS.

His vision to provide the UK population with the very best technology so they can be monitored at home.

Why patient remote monitoring will save millions of outpatient appointments every year, relieving pressures on hospitals and clinics.

The barriers to nationwide adoption of digital health and how the team are working to overcome them.

His success of bringing the internet to millions of people and why he feels digital health is the biggest opportunity since the internet.

“To me, this revolution would be exactly the same as the digital revolution. For example, if you asked a sample of people: “how much of your shopping do you do online?”, it would certainly be a substantial percentage. On the contrary, if you say to the NHS “how much of your monitoring is done at home?” it’s probably zero, or next to zero. There’s no adoption of technology in my opinion within the NHS. A lot of that has to actually come down from the leadership. There’s no leadership from the top.”

Read the full article in News Medical.


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