By Georgia Nelson
Blog 29 November 2016

Norfolk Community Health and Care Trust were highlighted as a digital health success story in the recent Channel 4 News clip about the delay in adopting technology within the NHS.

Inhealthcare’s remote monitoring service for COPD and heart failure patients is providing people like Tony and his wife with a “security blanket” and “peace of mind.”

Together with his wife, Tony is able to monitor his weight, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels easily from home. Every day Tony’s wife submits readings to his nurse simply, via an automated phone call. Adopting this digital health technology removes the need for patients to make regular and inconvenient trips to the hospital.

Heart Failure Nurse Rhona MacPherson also speaks about the benefits of the service for her and the local NHS. Instead of making face to face visits, her team are now able to get the same information more efficiently and spend her time following up with those patients that really need her care. The technology generates alerts to help nurses triage patients which is giving both clinicians and patients peace of mind that they are receiving the best possible care.

Missed it? Watch it here.

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