By Aaron Speight
Blog 5 December 2017

Inhealthcare’s new clinician toolkit enables clinicians to design, build and roll out new digital health services at speed. The toolkit provides a simple set of building blocks for the rapid development of services for the NHS.

The programming language is the first of its kind in the UK and allows for apps to be designed in hours, rather than months and at a fraction of the cost.

Clinicians in the North East have become the first to embrace the new toolkit

Clinicians in County Durham have used the toolkit to target people at higher risk of illness and death from flu. Clinical teams worked with Inhealthcare to support the annual flu vaccination programme at general practices in Darlington.

Their new app contacted people at home, booked them into a flu clinic and then confirmed if they had been vaccinated. The technology helped to increase the number of attendances

Feedback from patients has been very positive

Sylvia Porter-Merry, a retiree of Darlington, was one of those who attended the flu clinic. She said: “I received a text to say when I could get a flu jab done. It’s a good service. I have a long-term condition and do not want to get flu as well. “I would have got the jab anyway but it’s a helpful reminder for people who forget.”

Darlington is developing a strong reputation for innovation in healthcare

It is one of NHS England’s Healthy New Towns, a bold new initiative to rethink how health and care services can be delivered on 10 housing estates across the country.  Inhealthcare is the technology provider for the Darlington project.


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