Blog 31 March 2021

What do you do at Inhealthcare?
I am regional business development manager at Inhealthcare. My aim is to increase the uptake of remote patient monitoring services within the NHS from the North East and Cumbria to Norfolk. It is a big, diverse patch with lots of different organisations but all share the same common goal – to deliver high-quality care with compassion. There are great examples of innovation across the regions in services such as smoking cessation, dermatology and digital midwifery. We are raising awareness of these and sharing best practice.

How did your background in family business prepare you for this role?
At their best, family businesses have a strong sense of social responsibility and are committed to putting something back into the communities in which they operate. In my career, I have always been driven by outcomes. That means understanding our customers’ problems and helping to solve them. At Inhealthcare, I am working with NHS organisations to understand their priorities and help to deliver them with our services.

What do you like most about digital health and remote patient monitoring?
It is startling how effective these technologies can be in saving lives and saving money for the NHS. Our Oximetry at Home service for southern England is helping clinicians to identify early signs of deterioration among Covid patients and intervening to improve outcomes. Our self-testing service for INR patients has increased their time spent in therapeutic range and reduced the need for 370,000 face-to-face appointments, saving the NHS time and money.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?
We live on a family farm in the rolling hills of Northumberland, looking after cattle and sheep and raising a young family. It is a healthy outdoors lifestyle with lots of early starts!

What is your most treasured experience of the NHS?
The safe arrival of our daughter at the maternity ward of the Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital in Cramlington. It was not an easy birth but the midwives were so caring and attentive throughout. It shows how important it is to support our frontline care workers with everything they need to deliver high-quality patient care with compassion.

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