Digital health and remote patient monitoring
With a growing customer base and more than 50,000 patients, Inhealthcare is the UK's number one choice for remote patient monitoring and digital health services

Reducing pressures on overstretched services whilst bringing greater convenience to patients

Inhealthcare enables health and social care organisations to deliver more care outside the traditional setting to reduce pressures on overstretched services.

A growing marketplace of over 50 digital health services and the Inhealthcare Toolkit

Inhealthcare has a growing library of more than 50 clinically designed digital health services for a range of long-term conditions.

We also enable health and social care organisations to build their own digital health services. The Inhealthcare Toolkit allows clinical teams to build services quickly, at scale and at low cost.

Our commitment to patients and UK health and social care
Our mission is twofold
  • To enable patients with the tools and knowledge to manage their health, wherever they are
  • To reduce pressures on overstretched health and care services
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