Digital health and remote patient monitoring
With a growing customer base and more than 750,000 patients, Inhealthcare is the UK's number one choice for remote patient monitoring and digital health services

One platform for all your digital health requirements

  • A single and proven national platform available across every clinical setting
  • More than 750,000 users
  • Existing and growing library of clinically led digital health services
  • New services can be built in 24 hours
  • All services are digitally inclusive
  • Integration into NHS systems
  • Integration with the NHS Spine, enabling patient self-referrals 

Our approach is aligned with national plans such as Health and Wellbeing 2026 and NHS England’s Five Year Forward View

  • Helping patients take a more active role in their care and improving outcomes
  • Widening digital participation so that everyone can benefit, including hard to reach communities
  • Providing healthcare professionals with tools to monitor patients remotely
  • Freeing up time for front line staff by reducing paperwork, travel, and unnecessary face-to-face appointments
  • Continuous innovation to incorporate feedback and learning from clinicians, patients and proven technology projects
  • Collaboration with technology companies across the sector

Our commitment to patients and UK health and social care
Our mission is twofold
  • To enable patients with the tools and knowledge to manage their health, wherever they are
  • To reduce pressures on overstretched health and care services
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