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A strong track record of bringing digital technology to the masses

Inhealthcare Ltd is part of Intechnology plc, which is owned by one of Britain’s most successful technology entrepreneurs, Peter Wilkinson, who has a strong track record in developing innovative new technologies at scale.

These include Planet Online, the UK’s first viable business internet service provider, Freeserve, which brought the internet to the masses in the UK, and Sports Internet, the e-commerce, online betting and sports statistics group now known as Sky Betting and Gaming.

Founded in 2012, Inhealthcare has created a multi million pound digital infrastructure which supports remote home monitoring for the entire UK population. Inhealthcare can reduce pressures on clinics by removing millions of outpatient appointments every year. Our clinically led services are being used by thousands of patients across primary, secondary, community and social care up and down the UK. We also enable clinicians to build their own digital services quickly, safely and securely.

Meet the Inhealthcare team

Bryn Sage, Chief Executive

Chief executive Bryn Sage has been at the vanguard of some of the UK’s most commercially successful technology innovations of the last 35 years and has a strong track record in building and leading teams.

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Richard Quine, Product Director

Richard Quine heads product development at Inhealthcare. Prior to joining, Richard spent 12 years at a US networking equipment maker in a number of global technical and product management positions.

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Georgia Nelson, Business Development Manager

Business development manager Georgia works with customers to understand their unique requirements and map out digital solutions to fit their needs.

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John Docherty, Technical Services Manager

John Docherty is our technical services manager and is responsible for the timely deployment of customer onboarding and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction, to all customers, at all times.

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Georgina Adamson, Marketing Manager

Marketing manager Georgina Adamson is responsible for driving the marketing and PR for Inhealthcare.

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Michael Wray, Senior Software Architect

Mike Wray heads the software development and platform operations at Inhealthcare. He’s a Cambridge graduate with a Masters in computing from the University of London.  Mike has a background in global financial software.

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Jamie Innes, Senior Product Manager

Jamie Innes is a senior product manager at Inhealthcare and has been working for the Intechnology group for over six years. Jamie’s particular focus is working with NHS customers to develop new digital services that meet the demanding needs of patients and clinicians.

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Anthea Baker, Project Manager Client Services

Anthea Baker is responsible for the onboarding of new customers, ensuring clinical engagement and buy in among all stakeholders.

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Overview of Inhealthcare

Overview of Inhealthcare

Want to find out more about Inhealthcare’s complete digital health offering? Download our overview brochure.

Interested in a career with Inhealthcare?

Interested in a career with Inhealthcare?

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Inhealthcare teams with County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

Inhealthcare teams with County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

Read our INR self-testing case study to find out how our digital health service is benefitting patients and clinicians in the North East.

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